Jennifer Kohler was a Godsend for me. Her critique was insightful, respectful, honest and right on target. I appreciate her skill in understanding what I was trying to communicate which added to my own understanding. Jen did a great job in helping me with the flow and timing of my novel. Her delivery was excellent; clear and inspirational.  I feel that I can trust her with my characters and message. My novel is better for having passed through her hands.
It is difficult to criticize one's own writing and even more difficult to get honest feedback on it from friends and family. I found Jen Kohler, of all places, through Craig's List. She offered to read and report her feedback to people who have no agent or publisher and I jumped at the chance. I am seriously glad I did because she sees things friends and family cannot see. Through her talent and knowledge of writing I received a critique from her that opened ways to make my writing much better than either I or friends or family could have. I made the technical and various changes to my book as she suggested and it is much the better story for it. I highly recommend her work.
- Ernie

In July of 2011 I met Jen Kohler on a writer’s forum and asked if she would help me out with my sci-fi novel, Unnatural Selection.   Even though sci-fi is not her preferred genre, she agreed.  The manuscript was polished and complete when I sent it off to her, or so I thought. 
A week or so later, after completing the manuscript, Ms. Kohler sent me several pages of notes from her perspective both as a reader and a writer.  The notes offered praise for the manuscript as well as some ideas on how to improve upon it.  She picked up on several subtle grammatical errors consistent throughout as well as an incongruity between two chapters.  She also pointed out an area of the text where she felt could afford to be thinned out for the sake of momentum, particularly with the mainstream reader.  She was also careful to deliver her words with the deft touch of someone who understands the fragility of a writer’s ego.  She later posted a review of the book on her blog.
After reviewing her notes and cross referencing them against the manuscript, I realized that she was correct in all of her assessments, and have since made the changes.  I found her work thorough, precise, and informative, and couldn’t have been more impressed with her talent and professionalism.  That’s more than I could say for other editors that I’ve enlisted in the past. 
The evaluation/review couldn’t have come at a better time as the book is in the final phase of its journey to publication.   I owe Ms. Kohler a great debt of gratitude for the work she did for me on Unnatural Selection.  Thanks to Jen Kohler, my manuscript will be released in a much stronger rendering.
Should anyone wish for amplification on this matter, please feel free to contact me (Thomas Pryce) at Cenozicpublishing.com.  You can see Jen Kohler’s review of Unnatural Selection on her blog, www.gonna-let-it-shine.blogspot.com. The book is due out in December 2011