01 June 2011


Here it is, my first blog entry. I love reading and writing and I plan to use those hobbies to build This Little Light by posting my own writings and book reviews. I also hope to post reviews of works by unpublished authors.
Lately I read more than I write. I've been very into historical fiction and have grown to be a huge fan of Lisa See. She writes the kinds of books that make me learn by accident. There I am, choking back tears and praying Lily and Snowflower will reconcile or hoping that Pearl will find her daughter Joy before she starves to death on a commune and suddenly I realize I've been given lessons on ancient China, footbinding, communism and art. Lisa See turns my brain into a sponge.
There are lots of other authors that have tilted my world, made me miss my stop on the train and kept me up all hours of the night. And then there are authors that have made their flimsy two dimensional characters sing, dance, get divorced or get arrested in order to grab my attention while I yawn and think about pizza. I can't wait to start posting about my reading and writing experiences.

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