05 June 2011

Monsters in the Park

Lets go be monsters in the park
With scaly finger tips
Grin with pointed teeth
Drool dripping from our lips

     Lets go be animals in a cage
     And growl at passersby
     Crane our necks and howl
     At the full moon in the sky

Lets go be giants in the city
Crushing buildings with our feet
Laugh at the ant-like people
Fleeing from the street

     Lets go be black cats in the night
     With eyes electric green
     Staring down pedestrians
     Menacing and mean

Lets go be witches in the woods
With long gray tangled curls
Concocting poison apples
To give to little girls

     Lets be tornados in a rage
     Tearing up the earth
     No corner left undamaged
     We'll get our money's worth

Lets lose it just this once
And let ourselves go mad
Lets put away the halo
And be a little bad

     Lets drop chaos like a bomb
     And let our screws come loose
     Lets get unfocussed, run amok
     And offer no excuse

Lets knock over everything
Bulldoze our enemies
Set off all the alarms
We'll do anything we please

     Lets go be zombies in the mist
     Clothes hanging off our bones
     Clawing out of shallow graves
     With tortured, hungry moans

Lets be deafening rolls of thunder
Torrential, beating rain
Flashes, streaks of lightening
A deadly hurricane

     Lets be ghouls, ghosts or reapers
     And read them their last rites
     Lets be Bigfoot, lets be Loch-ness
     We'll be anything that bites

Lets be ghostly apparitions
Visions in the hall
Hissing whispers in the silence
We'll terrify them all

     Lets be snipers in the dark
     Waging our own war
     Because if they are afraid
   They    can't    hurt    us    anymore

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