06 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 6: Get 'er Done

Here I am on the sixth day of NaNoWriMo and I'm more determined than ever to finish despite my overloaded schedule. This harried writer has learned a thing or two about how to get it done: hair appointment? Bring the laptop. Dentist appointment? Bring the laptop. In a wedding? Bring the laptop (I promise, I just threw together a few sentences before the bride had her makeup on). I set my alarm earlier and write before work and then I write again when I come home. I'm a MACHINE!

Oh and there's another thing I learned: my first draft sucks! Forget pretty words, poetic descriptions, realistic dialogue and character development. Pshhh, that's for Non-NaNo-ers. Besides, I'm naturally a slow writer so all that stuff needs to go out the window right now. And no offense to me, but my previous style wasn't exactly pumping out novels. I'm here to get 'er done.

Speaking of which, I gotta go. Please forgive the short and pointless post. If you're NaNo-ing look me up! I'm Little_Light and I'd love to be your writing buddy. If you're not NaNo-ing please feel free to share some advice, inspiration or encouragement. I'm not sure I'll be quite this motivated by next week...


  1. Thank you. I think I'm going to need stronger glasses by the end of next week :)

  2. Ha - the wedding tidbit is the best part of this!

  3. Replies
    1. Yay! I'm soooo envious of your word count. Good for you! And your novel sounds very intriguing.

    2. I conquered a lot of exposition in the first few days, but my daily word count has been dwindling this week...And your novel sounds fun :)

  4. Overheard from the photographer: "maid of honour, could you please stop tapping away at the keyboard and look at the camera?"