25 January 2013

Are You Team "Traditional Publising" or "Self-Publishing"?

In the first ebook of her series "A Field Guide for Authors," literary agent Rachelle Gardner shares her wisdom with writers looking to decide between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Although I've always pictured myself going the traditional route, I see more writers these days deciding to self-publish. The industry has evolved much in the past several years, making both publishing routes viable options for success. So what is best for you? It's a big decision.

That said, Rachelle's ebook is aptly named How Do I Decide? Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing (A Field Guide for Authors)

I'm reading it now and hope you'll join me (click on the picture above for a link). In the meantime, what are your thoughts? Have you already self-published or gone the traditional route? Both?


  1. I've always pictured myself going the traditional route. The few things I have had published were traditionally and I expect that to continue. That said, I know a lot of writers who have self-published. From where I sit now, I guess it depends on the material and the author. I certainly wouldn't rule out self-publishing. I'll be interested to hear how the book was!

  2. Good point, it depends on the material & author. It also depends on what they want out of a publisher I suppose.

  3. Self publishing. Having complete control over my work means a lot to me.